Corporate Profile

Trade name

Limited company AZ PLAN


Higashi-Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi Hoshin 5-19-1 Park Nova Ichibankan 203








Representative Director Sakamoto Chieji

Business content

  • Auction any real estate sale
  • Realization and processing properties auxiliary trustee business
  • Bankruptcy cases auxiliary business
  • Real estate auction bidding agency
  • Buying and selling, leasing and brokerage, management, and ready-built real estate
  • The consulting services related to construction and effective use of real estate
  • Design, construction and supervision Contracting building construction
  • Export and sale of building materials fee入

Member organizations

  • (Companies) All Japan Real Estate Association North Branch
  • (Company) Property Guarantee Association
  • (Company) Kinki Region Real Estate Information Center


LawyerJudicial scrivenerTax accountantI am signed an advisory agreement with each.


  • Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Shin-Osaka Station Branch
  • Shin-Osaka Station Resona Bank branch
  • Ikeda-Senshu Bank branch Kamishinjo
  • Settsu Suitoshin'yokinko Sugawara branch

Trading performance creditors, etc.

  • Housing Finance Agency (formerly the Housing Loan Corporation)
  • National Life Finance Corporation
  • Housing Corporation Loan Guarantee Association
  • Welfare pension credit guarantee Co., Ltd.
  • Osaka Chushokigyoshin'yohoshokyokai
  • Osaka Credit Guarantee Association
  • Osaka Credit Guarantee Association
  • Hyogo credit guarantee corporation
  • Kyoto credit guarantee corporation
  • Ltd. housing bond supervision recovery mechanism
  • Ltd. RCC
  • UFJ Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd.
  • MU Frontier Debt Collection Co., Ltd.
  • Mizuho Loan Co., Ltd.
  • Mizuho credit guarantee Co., Ltd.
  • Minato security Co., Ltd.
  • Kinki Osaka Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd.
  • Yamato Guarantee Co., Ltd.
  • Resona Debt Collection Co., Ltd.
  • SMBC Loan Debt Collection Co., Ltd.
  • Diamond Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd.
  • Ikegin comprehensive security Co., Ltd.
  • Fukui Credit Guarantee Service Co., Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Trust and Security Co., Ltd.
  • Kinai comprehensive credit guarantee Co., Ltd.
  • ORIX Loan Corporation
  • Security Association Debt Collection Co., Ltd.
  • Ltd. Premier Debt Collection
  • Sanyo Shinpan Debt Collection Co., Ltd.
  • Global Debt Collection Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Debt Collection Co., Ltd.
  • ACOM Co., Ltd.
  • Aiful Co., Ltd.
  • CFJ Co., Ltd.
  • Ltd. quark
  • GE Consumer Finance Co., Ltd.
  • Co., Ltd. Inter
  • Public Daisho Line Co., Ltd.

※In no particular order, (banks, guarantee institutions, consumer finance, consumer credit, etc.) and many others

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