「Mortgage is stuck・・・」To such you, the chance of re-start!!

Are you trying to pay arrears of mortgage?

  • Repayment of mortgage-strapped・・・。
  • That in the future anxiety in mortgage arrears・・・。
  • I have been scratching their heads to demand・・・。
  • Destined for repayment of the remaining debt is also poor・・・。
  • Home is likely to be auctioned・・・!
  • The auction house is seized・・・!!

Please consult right now!!


  • There is no information now.

To the information list


I will introduce part from among the case of which our company was going to correspond.

Please refer if there is the one near customer's case.

Case Studies

Possibility that can be resolved sooner, the higher the consultation!!

It is likely to become a regrettable outcome the shorter the period had left is, the more difficult it becomes to find the purchaser, and cannot the result withdrawal of the auction.

Nonpayment seems to continue at the stage where "Auction beginning decision notification" from the court has not reached either ・・・ The payment pay severe and after next month recommends and worry also recommends the consultation of bringing forward.


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